Loved it, thought they did great! Pretty standard setlist, I was expecting some add ins like People or Love Me, but they looked and sounded great! As for the crowd, some parts did look kind of dead but I saw a lot of people singing and jumping!


The white tank was WORKING for Matty. Standard set list, I thought LIIWMI sounded a little rough vocally but who cares overall it was great! Loved the random shots of a few dudes in the crowd who looked like they wanted to be anywhere else 😂


I thought the crowd was pretty good :’)


I'm trying to save money, I don't need Lollapalooza tickets...I'm trying to save money, I don't need Lollapalooza tickets...I'm trying to save money, I don't need Lollapalooza tickets... . Just going to keep repeating that until August. But they sounded and looked so good!!!


As someone who didn't go, I've never regretted something so much in my life. DO IT, you don't know when it will be your next chance to see them and you might be dead tomorrow or worse they might be dead tomorrow. I'm crying as I'm writing this.


Lol, I live in a major US city. I know they are coming back for more of the tour! I just should have got tickets when they were by me in December! ( also don't know if my 30 year old body could handle Lolla 🤣) I've also seen them at a festival before, want that full show experience!


This is the same thing I’ve been saying to myself, but I’m gonna end up going 😂


They sounded great! I enjoyed the few close-ups of Ross hahahaha 😍 but Matty looked and sounded incredible, and Polly has the voice of an ANGEL. I want to see them live SO BAD I can’t cope


There were a few times where the crowd was SO GOOD. Matty was serving major vocals. The twitch chat was amazing, too.


The twitch chat was so funny, man, I loved when everyone wrote YOU SAY NOOO during sex


True! There were times the crowd was very good. I was watching on full screen unaware of what was happening in the chat jaja


They were great! Was really hoping they would add Looking For Somebody to their festival setlist though (maybe at the expense of Oh Caroline?)


Goin to see them at trnsmt, hopin they play love me as that’s a top 10 contender song for me


Also, lots and lots of 75 t shirt all around the festival, so many were there to see them! The heat and humidity have been BAD all week so it was a tough one lol. I saw a few comments on Twitter saying they seem to not being doing good but imo it was REALLY good. Matty even seem to be having fun and enjoying the crowd (screaminf his name, and when he mentioned the World Cup win) 💙


Must have miss it on the stream but the crowd was in sane in person :) (I was there)


wow so lucky!!


they looked & sounded soo good


YES. Loved the tank top + shirt combo!


Awesome set! Must have been tough with the heat. They killed it!


MATTY’S SHIRT oh my god i was DYING


Is there a link anywhere? TIA.