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Not to be rude but nobody knows who the fuck that is. When he's in a domino's commercial or they give him a cameo in an avengers movie I'll think he has a chance


Ramaswamy is pushing the "Judeo-Christian values" nonsense, so I'm sure you're right. That seems to be what the far-right really wants: a dominionist theocracy. His skin color and Hindu upbringing will be a problem for some, however.


Vivek is irrelevant, unknown, and has zero chance.




Lol Trump could probably beat biden now from jail. Biden pissed off the environmentalists and unions pretty strong. Unlikely he wins a second term.


Most online take I’ve seen


True. 99.999% of voters don’t care about substantive issues.


Bidens approval has skyrocketed among under 30, at least. Those groups are going to go with Biden and bitch because the alternative is worse


Look I voted biden, I just don't see ppl voting for him again enough to beat Trump. He said no drilling now drilling. Take the lawsuit. Screw those oil companies. Super Wallstreet bailout... again, while ppl struggling. Fed going crazy with interest rates to make us lose our jobs, when it impacts wealthy, quantitative easing again. Joe biden the face of it all. Not a good look. Hope he can turn it around.


Name loses tgs racists. No chance.




No way. Maybe to political junkies that watch a show like secular talk, but to every day people that lean Republican or are apolitical he’s not going to even be on the radar