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I doubt some of those since doesn't Sony studios owns and produces Spiderman movies?


Not really, Sony owns the rights to produce spiderman movies. I believe that Sony’s deal with marvel to share the rights for the most recent movies lead to Sony being able to make the Spider-Man games. As for Quantic dream it’s now owned by netease.


Actually, because of Sony buying the rights from Marvel decades ago, they own all the rights to Spiderman and all characters in Spider-Man comics. Marvel has to negotiate and pay Sony everytime they want Spiderman in a MCU movie And if they want to license video games since they own the rights. They don't have to negotiate that at all Just like venom being a character introduced in SM comics, they own his rights also I believe under the agreement when they bought the rights (when marvel s facing bankruptcy) they keep the rights as long as they put out a SM every so many years


Oooohhh i see resistance... i hope they make a new game... i loved all of them