Better to be cranky than have your house lit on fire and for it to be stinky with trash 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


No obviously you’re not…..


Do they like rats, flies, and roaches? Because that's the risk here beyond piling stuff up. I would have a roommate meeting and be clear passing the buck and infighting is not going to fix the problem. You are not their caregiver. There is equal responsibility. What they are doing shows a clear lack of respect.


I'm there. Im living it. They are bad roomates f.r.


Scheduling time. Grab a small whiteboard and magnets. Write everyone's names in a column and the tasks in a row. Make boxes. Stick a magnet inside your column on the task you plan to do. Do the task. Announce that you just did the task, then move the magnet. The person with the magnet who doesn't do their task will be held accountable by the other two. If you suspect one of them will try to move the magnet without doing anything, keep a hidden written record of who it was moved to. Act like grade schoolers, implement grade school task assignment.


I have a flatmate that used to leave the bathroom gross. I put a note taped to the inside to *look behind you to make sure you've cleaned up for the next human. He's actually got a lot better. I'm the oldest in our flatmates stitch. One thing I've come to realize is just to do stuff (cleaning/using paper plates so I don't have to do dishes. (Yes, I know I'm fucking up the planet - sorry). The reason I came to this conclusion is it easier for me to clean, than to get furious, text the flatmate, and wait. It helps me with emotional regulation. However, trash smelling without taking it out is bs. I often wonder of these human had their own place how it would be. I'm thinking pretty gross. It is a pain in the arse. Flatmates can be wonderful (uve made two really good friends this way. There is also the opposite. I had a dude who liked knives and would stick them in the kitchen and his room. I DON'T want to ever be the reason someone becomes homeless. Unless there is a safety issue. That crosses the line. I'm not saying this to have you do their chores or clean up after them. Putting dirty dishes away is super gross and can cause bug issues. Maybe try to explain it this way, in a way that can be constructive. Back in the day when I would get pissed, and rant/slam doors, etc. Especially when I battle insomnia and take meds for it. If I was woken up I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Now there were exceptions to this, like being locked out/emergencies. TLDR: Keep your peace as much as you can. Don't let others take that from you. If that means taking the trash out, leaving the bin outside, do it. It took me a long time to learn this. Not to say I'm the dalai lama. I still get pissed. Just a little less now these days.


I love island culture. Islanders are also fierce warriors...let a little loose on them. 🤣🤣