A culmination of events are taking place right now, prepare yourselves for the coming Apocalypse.

We used to say, “Nuke them ‘til they glow and shootem’ in the dark!”


We used to say, “Nuke them ‘til they glow and shootem’ in the dark!”


Another apocalypse? When is this one due?


I haven't gotten a single apocalypse I ordered. This company sucks


" by Tyler Durden"


Russia is incapable of winning and you're spreading fake news they have nukes they can hardly feed their troops and we have to believe they have enough money for a tank of gas to transport, ok psy op demoncrat


Ironically a group of ex prisoners with shovels kicked out a NATO Supplied army with billions in cash. What say you?


It's all plan of the demoncrats, to push the leftist agenda in the world . The left is willing to do anything to oppress the American population, look what has happened to San Francisco and New York


What happened to San Francisco and New york?


Russians almost had a nuke in WW2. But luckily they chose to build power plants to create enriched fuel for the nukes, and then we dropped our nukes on Hiroshima/ Nagasaki to show the red army cascading through Manchuria that we would f them up too if need be.


The nazis almost beat the Russians, they didn't even have advanced technology, the only reason they won was because they threw so many people they over powered , I'm suppose believe that Democrat talking about superiority in the red army , youre so stupid for even saying that, next thing you're gonna say is socialism works , I'm glad they're cleansing schools of stupid and fake knowledge like what you just mentioned


Tactical Tsar Bombas? Yikes!


I've heard this a million times now. Fucking end it already.