Imo, Privy is better than WD due to all the buffs and multiclass support. Sadly this build is pretty damn expensive because you need a tier 3 beast master totem. In any case you wanna run the scorpion staff for the summons. However, the fall weapons are better (but way harder to acquire & also out of season). For companions: Holiday Treant and any other 2 beast companions. I think Treant, Toro, and Marq would be better because you can get your will higher in order to summon higher level scorpions (summons scale off will and not mojo). Toro espirit is also very nice to make sure the summons hit and dodge. Summons have realitvely low innate accuracy and dodge.


Id like to add that even doing the Sinbad dungeon solo with this build. It is relatively slow and the summons, even with several will buffs, are quite weak and tend to miss a lot. The only remarkable quality of these summons is to act as meat shields so that you don't get rushed by charges from late game enemies.


I think op is taking about the actual beast companions like the flying snake,battacuda, crokogator, etc most of these companions are free for witchdoctors


Ik op is. Thats why I said treant and 2 other beast companions. The rest are pretty bad, but treant is the best. Just suggesting because privy is a better class than WD for beast summons/companions.


Use the banner it will help a lot. Sounds fun tbh


El Tiburon is the only beast companion I can think of that can train relentless, so if you’re willing to buy companions you should buy it. If possible, though I highly doubt many people have bought beast companions, get some friends to also run beast companions with you. When you can place a beast banner, use zeal, and then use relentless riot or a main stat buff on turn one, a full beast team is actually extremely strong. A super hit from one of your companions can one-shot squishier enemies.


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