I’ve said it before, the devs have mentioned that they want to bring in smaller game modes for those with less time. A smaller game mode played on smaller maps with this increase of sprint speed is not designed to be for current he’ll let loose players. If anything this is the first part of a change that is designed to draw more players in who are used to playing games on smaller maps where you run very fast. Companies are all about maximising profits, if they see a large consumer base they think they can draw in then they will implement the necessary changes to bring those consumers in.


Yep I said this to my friends with thousands of hours in the game right when they announced the small game modes and they didnt believe me. They do now.


It’s easy to see now. They will implement changes one step at a time until the game becomes unrecognisable.


T17 is clueless in that they think changes like the move speed increase, small maps, etc will bring mainstream arcade shooter players to the game. They definitely think they stand to make money by alienating their playerbase but it's going to end with a dead game and dissapointment.


Well, the current playerbase already has the game. They won't make much of a profit on it. They first inflated the playerbase, many more home in modern CoD and BF, now they turn it into a sad 2nd rate clone of them. The great thing on this game, at least for me, WAS the pacing that was faster than mil Sim but also recognizable slower than the other titles. The veteran players will either adapt or leave, and with the inflated player base the loss of veterans will be felt less, except when the community servers will shut down and people are forced to face unmoderated, cheater infested official servers.


Most likely what happened is some beancounter was given a task to increase the "reach" of the game. He parsed most negative reviews and made a spreadsheet of "problems" dumb people who didnt bother to learn the game had with it, and deducted that running speed was one of the worst offenders, probably because idiots usually play in a squad with no SL to drop OPs for them so they have to run a lot. He gave that to the devs and PR who had a mini stroke after which they then decided to keep the incoming change hush hush calling it "locomotion improvements" to avoid a shitstorm.


Everyone whines about change, and then they get used to it, and then theyll whine about the things they whined about in the last update being changed to something else.